I am a new Ph.D. student in computer science at SBU.
My research interest includes computer vision and robotics.
I was a master student with Prof. Yue ZHOU at SJTU.


Stony Brook University

Ph.D. Program in Computer Science
Jan. 2020 - Present

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Master Programe of Control Engineering
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

GPA: 2.55/3.3

Sept. 2015 - March 2018

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Undergraduate Programe of Automation

GPA: 83/100

Sept. 2011 - June 2015


  • A Point and Line Features Based Method for Disturbed Surface Motion Estimation [Paper][Code]


    Xiang Li and Yue Zhou
    International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) 2017

  • Enhance Tracker’s Classifier via View Morphing [Paper]


    Xiang Li and Yue Zhou
    International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP) 2017 - best presentation award


  • Simple Raspi Car [Code]

    Arduino C++ Python

    An open-source solution to transform general RC car into powerful mobile platform with Raspberry Pi 3B+ even NVIDIA TX2. It is capable for carrying heavier payload hardware, solving some larger A.I. problem and easy to maintain or upgrade.

  • Project PI Car

    C++ Python

    Project PI Car aimed to build a simple mobile platform, based on Raspberry PI 3B, for many interesting A.I. tasks. The car contains one encoder, two cameras, and a Raspberry PI 3B as controller. I designed the layout of the car and two SDKs for both C++ and Python users. We have produced 29 cars so far and keep on making improvements.

  • qtCyberDIP [Code][Video]


    qtCyberDIP is a windows driver for a device called CyberDIP. The device (China Utility Model Patent No.2016201772460), which is also designed by me, can touch phone/pad's screen like a human finger. Computer can play mobile games autonomously with the information from screen capture. We used it to perform several image processing experiments, and I am the TA of Digial Image Processing responsible for these experiments. Check code and video for further information.

  • Triangulation and visualization [Code]


    This project aims to measure the distance of road sign by mono image sequences and gyroscope data. The algorithm is a combination of triangulation and filtering. I added a visualization module with the help of PCL in order to show the measument error.

  • Camera Bundle

    C++ C#

    Camera Bundle is a commercial software based on Uniview camera SDK. It receives commands via MQTT then operates net cameras and net video recorders in WLAN. Pictures, videos and alarms from these devices are relayed if required. It can also push RTMP stream thank to FFmpeg.

  • Tracking with cradle camera


    I combined CT and STC with a cradle camera to tracking moving vehicles. The cradle was controlled by a PI controller via PELOC-D. GUI was based on MFC.

  • FlyCapture Bundle [Code]


    A toolkit to drive Point-Grey USB camera. Based on SDK, I added an auxiliary focusing and auto-exposure module with several different modes. Multi-thread and buffering feature were included to keep all cameras synchronized.


  • Outstanding graduates in Shanghai, 2018
  • National scholarship for graduate students, 2017
  • Outstanding graduates of SJTU, 2015

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