Xiang Li

李 响  Xiang Li

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the Dept of CS at Stony Brook University, advised by Prof. Michael S. Ryoo. I received my MS and BS from SJTU under the supervision of Prof. Yue Zhou.

My research interest includes visual representation learning, robotics and computer vision.

Email: xiangli8[at]cs[dot]stonybrook[dot]edu



  • LiDAR based SLAM + GPS + Navigation

    ROS C++ Python

    This work was done during my internship at Beijing Falcon Self-driving Co., Ltd..

  • RC Car + Raspi + Camera

    Arduino C++ Python

    An open-source solution to transform general RC cars into powerful mobile vision platforms.

  • CyberDIP: A moving finger for touchscreen


    With the help of this device and computer vision, we can play mobile games autonomously using the touchscreen on any device.

  • Visual tracking with a moterized camera


    Use a moterized camera and STC to track moving vehicles. The moterized cradle was controlled by a PI controller via PELCO-D. GUI was made with MFC.

  • There are other projects I worked on and enjoyed a lot: playing Android/PC games autonomously using computer vision, GPU cluster monitor based on Grafana and InfluxDB, SBC with various sensors and so on. They are not technically challenging but I love the fact that they significantly improved the quality of my life :)


  • Outstanding graduates in Shanghai, 2018
  • National scholarship for graduate students, 2017
  • Outstanding graduates of SJTU, 2015

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