Xiang Li


I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, working with Prof. Michael S. Ryoo. My research interest includes visual representation learning, robotics and computer vision.
Prior to this, I worked with Prof. Yue Zhou as a master student and I received my MS and BS from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Email: xiangli8 \at cs \dot stonybrook \dot edu



  • LiDAR based SLAM + GPS + Navigation

    ROS C++ Python

    This work was done during my internship at Beijing Falcon Self-driving Co., Ltd..

  • RC Car + Raspi + Camera

    Arduino C++ Python

    An open-source solution to transform general RC cars into powerful mobile vision platforms.

  • CyberDIP: A moving finger for touchscreen


    With the help of this device and computer vision, we can play mobile games autonomously using the touchscreen on any device.

  • Visual tracking with a moterized camera


    Use a moterized camera and STC to track moving vehicles. The moterized cradle was controlled by a PI controller via PELCO-D. GUI was made with MFC.

  • I also worked on other projects like playing Android/PC games autonomously using computer vision tricks, GPU cluster monitor based on Grafana and InfluxDB, RTMP streaming, and many Raspberry Pi projects with various sensors. They might not be very challenging but they significantly improved the quality of my life :)


  • Outstanding graduates in Shanghai, 2018
  • National scholarship for graduate students, 2017
  • Outstanding graduates of SJTU, 2015

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